Interview with Juniper

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Wet and Mild

Let's start off easy, What city do you call your hometown now?

Sadly I live in the boondocks, but shoot mainly in Buffalo as there isn’t much here.

Do you travel for shoots, if so how far?

Normally to Buffalo but sometimes to other areas.

Since we are on the topic of shoots, do you do Paid, TFP, or a combo of both?

I do a combination of both TFP and paid shoots.

What is the farthest you have traveled for a shoot?

The farthest I’d say is Canada for a shoot with Robert Deak and Josh TenBrinke. Unless you want to count my spontaneous beach photoshoot in St. Augustine, Florida. An online friend of mine happened to be driving through and we met for the first time and did a shoot on the beach at 6am. He screen printed shirts for me to wear. But we were already in Florida for vacation, so I don’t think it really counts.

Describe your favorite photoshoot?

My favorite photoshoot was with Brooke Chamberlain. We did a messy cute candy land shoot and just had a total blast throwing candy and cake at each other. Now my favorite PHOTOS from a shoot, that’s a different story. It was the water shoot I did with TJ Phelan, I always tease him that he froze me to death because the water was cold, and the AC was on. I was FREEZING. But the photos looked gorgeous. I remember looking back at the photos and not even recognizing myself.

Describe your Dream photoshoot?

My dream photoshoot is an abandoned carnival freakshow shoot. I have an obsession with creepy and abandoned things and freakshows. When we went to NYC for vacation I made my family take a subway to Coney Island just so I could see the freakshow!

What social platforms are you on?

I am on instagram, @JuniperSkyeModel I don’t bother with Twitter really and I’m lazy about Facebook.

Which do you find most useful in your modeling career?

Instagram has helped the most because of Hashtags and finding new photographers/models in the area.

How do you find you get most of your modeling shoots?

I post in some Facebook groups that I’ll be in the area and see who’s available. Because I’m not from the area often I tend to try to book at least 3 shoots in a day to make it worth the drive.

What made you decide to try modeling?

I always wanted to model and knew I could never do runway because I can barely walk in bare feet let alone high heels. Plus I could never do the blank stare runway models do, I’d end up laughing. I always loved art and modeling for friends in the art department. (I was an art major at Daemen College, class of 2018). So I decided to branch out and try.

Who was the first photographer you worked with?

Kat Greyson was technically my first. I did a lot of fun shoots with her while she was at Villa Maria to help her with her photography degree. She helped me find the proper facebook groups to join. TJ Phelan was the first one I really worked with after that and he helped push me into the photography modeling world.

What keeps you modeling?

TJ PHELAN! He always is down for my crazy ideas. I think art is a big part of it, too. I love being able to show off my artwork in photographs with me.

Ok, now this is a dangerous question for a photographer to ask, what pisses you off most about photographers?

When a photographer is afraid to be honest/blunt. I ALWAYS tell photographers not to be afraid to repose me or tell me to sit up straighter. When I first started modeling I would slouch a little, causing me to have little belly rolls. If I sat up straighter they would be gone. I can’t see myself so I rely on the photographer. Or if I need to suck in my stomach a little because the angle makes me look 2 months pregnant? TELL ME. I’d much rather they be honest, that way I won’t be unhappy with the photos later on and think “I wish I would have…”.

What do you look for before you decide if you will work with a photographer?

I ask around about the photographer. I ask photographers I’ve worked with in the past and make sure they are good/decent. I also look at the photography and see if it is something I’m comfortable doing.

What kind of shoots do you normally do?

I normally do fashion photography. I personally won’t do nude, implied, or boudoir. If it’s something you’re comfortable with that’s fine, it’s just personally not for me.

Who inspires you?

Artists? Frida Khalo and Edward Kienholz. I know everyone knows Frida but Kienholz does some intense sculptures. Photography wise I’d say Ray and Kay Alvarez. Ray does gorgeous work and his wife Kay is often the model/makeup artist. I highly recommend checking out their work (@shootwithray // @kayalvarezmakeup).

What fun stuff do you do, besides modeling?

I make macabre art (@MutilatedBeautyArt on instagram) with doll parts and animal bones.

Any advice for new models?

Oh boy. There’s so much. Probably ALWAYS bring someone with you and NEVER go to a shoot alone. If someone doesn’t want you to bring someone? Don’t go. Some other helpful things are to bring makeup to a shoot, this includes nail polish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to a shoot and realize my nail polish is chipped. If you wear nail polish make sure it’s freshly done. If you are like me and have thick dark Italian body hair (I have it on my arms) shave. Now this one isn’t a must, but I’ve looked back at my photos and been upset by the hair I can see on my arms, it’s distracting to me. If you are comfortable with your body hair? ROCK IT. It’s just something I never really noticed till I started modeling. Also if you’re like me and have pale/blotchy skin then tights are your best friend. They make your legs look smoother. Don’t be afraid to speak up, if you are uncomfortable with something then let the photographer know. Besides that, have fun!

Where can we see your work?

Instagram! It’s the only platform I really update and check. I probably should change that...

Anything you would like to add?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. My inbox is always open on instagram if you’d like help, need a little push in the right direction, etc. Also I personally chose to have a modeling name for safety reasons. When I was still at college people tried to find where I went because they wanted to hang out and “get to know me”. (Cue the dramatic eye roll). This is another small thing that isn’t a must but I felt like was the best option for me. In the end do what you feel is best.