Reviewing the images.

Why Model?

Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, I’ll run into someone and my immediate reaction is, does she model? The reaction I get from the person ranges from, YES! Let’s do it! To Aw, I don’t know, what would I do with the pictures? So this article is going to address modeling, both from the perspective of the model, and of the photographer.

Why Model? – From the model’s perspective.

• It is fun! Seriously, all of the shoots are high energy, fun times. After all, if it wasn’t fun, why do it at all?

• It is all about you. The goal of a shoot is capture you, your beauty and your personality. Aside from your wedding day, there won’t ever be another day so focused on your happiness. After all, if you aren’t enjoying the experience, it will show in the photos.

• Did I mention the fun part? • Confidence, it allows you to see yourself in a totally different light, to boost your confidence in yourself.

• It is really, really fun!

• It is a way to express yourself, to show a side of yourself that you normally don’t get to, to play outside the box.

• Really, it is fun.

• The goal isn’t just to take your photo, it is to create art.

• And it is FUN

Why photograph Models? -From the photographer’s perspective.

• It is fun

• I enjoy making people happy, and the happiness I see in the model’s face, both when I am shooting and when they get the images, makes it all worthwhile.

• It is fun • I enjoy the creative aspect of it, the challenge in setting up the set, helping the model pose, creating the light, editing the image. To me it is a much more challenging and rewarding experience than simply capturing an image.

• Creating art. There are photos, that when I finish, I can’t believe I created the image, where I have captured, not merely the model’s beauty, but have also manage to infuse the images with her personality and soul. These are the images I treasure.

The last thing to discuss is comfort zone. While it is ok to grow as a person and to expand your horizons, it is also important to have boundaries and for the photographer to respect them. That is why the most common first time shoot I do is what is called the three outfit shoot. This is where the model picks out three outfits she both is comfortable wearing and likes and we build the shoot around that. It can be things she brings, or she can choose from the outfits at the studio. Because your comfort is so important, before the shoot is over, I hand you the camera, and not only let you see all of the images, but I show you how you can delete any image you hate (btw, it is rare that any end up being deleted, but the option is there)

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