Teagan Talks

     Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed! Lets start off easy, What do you call your hometown now?

 Buffalo, NY!

     Do you travel for shoots, if so how far?

I have never traveled for shoot, but it’s definitely something I would do! I love to travel!

     Since we are on the topic of shoots, do you do Paid, TFP, or a combo of both?

Usually I do TFP. I like to model for fun, and for the creative aspect of it - don’t we all? But       because it’s more of a fun hobby for me then a serious gig, I do TFP.

     What is the farthest you have traveled for a shoot?

When I lived in South Buffalo, I drove all the way to Niagara Falls for a shoot - does that count?

     Describe your favorite photoshoot?

There was a shoot that I did with experimental lighting and designs that came purely from the lightbulb that lit my body up in crazy patterns and romantic lighting. That was really really cool.

     Describe your Dream photoshoot?

I love Buffy the Vampire slayer, and as dorky as it sounds, I would love to cosplay Sarah Michelle Gellar’s iconic Buffy character some day. Alternatively, long flowy dress at the bottom of a waterfall.

     What social platforms are you on?

I’m on Facebook (Teagan SkotarczK) and Instagram (@stokarczak)! Both are private but I am always accepting new friends.

     Which do you find most useful in your modeling career?

The confidence I get from it! I love that I can grow and learn from how to use my photos to strengthen my confidence in myself and use that in the real world. Looking at the effort and the beauty that comes from all of the shoots that I’ve done, even on my lowest days, makes me think: yeah, I’m a bad bitch, and today is MY day. It really translates into an everyday feeling for me, and I feel especially good on the days during and after modeling where my confidence in myself is highest.

     How do you find you get most of your modeling shoots?

Tim Phelan is my primary guy for all of my modeling shoots. He’s always up for a good project and any kind of experimental shoot, and as such is my go-to for shoots.

     What made you decide to try modeling?

A friend of mine did some on the side, and we talked about her shoots when she offered to bring me along and get a feel for it to see if I liked it. It was an awesome introduction into the wonderful world of modeling.

     Who was the first photographer you worked with?

Tim Phelan - I told you, he’s my go-to photographer friend!

     What keeps you modeling?

It’s just fun to me. I like that it’s both relaxing and also a project - there’s a lot of effort and ideas and experiments that goes on into a shoot, and so much trial and error, but at the same time there’s no pressure to do well or come out with a good product. I do it because it’s a fulfilling hobby.

     Ok, now this is a dangerous question for a photographer to ask, what pisses you off most about photographers?

Luckily I’ve never experienced this, but I have many modeling friends who have - “can you just do this pose for me? Can you hold this pose? I know it’s uncomfortable, hold it a little longer,” etc. No, I will do what I’m comfortable doing, pose-wise.

     What do you look for when before you decide if you will work with a photographer?

Previous reviews, as with anything. You reach out to your friends and see if anyone’s worked with a photographer and get their opinion on them. If one person has a complaint it’s possibly just one bad experience, if many people do then you steer clear. Luckily the modeling community is very tight-knit so you know who to look out for, but should you find yourself in a situation with a creep, you leave as soon as you can and send a warning out.

     Who inspires you?

My mom. She’s always trying to convince me to reach out of my comfort zone, and I love her for that. “Do whatever you want to do, and don’t ever do anything you don’t want to do.” That goes for anything that occurs in my life, but it’s definitely one of the reasons I got into modeling.

     What fun stuff do you do, besides modeling?

I love hiking, science, true crime and writing short stories. Not necessarily in that order.

     Any advice for new models?

I know this is a given and also easier said then done, but be confident that you’re so much more beautiful then you are. Don’t sweat the poses, ask questions about the set work (lighting, props, etc) that goes into photography, and never do anything you’re uncomfortable with. The more you model, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and talk to people about being their art piece. You never know what you can create.

     Where can we see your work?

Most of my photos are featured in Tim Phelan’s albums on Facebook, and I post a few of them on my own social media. Like I said, I don’t promote my photos often because I love modeling for the sake of it, but if you’re interested there are a few different places to look!

     Anything you would like to add?

Modeling has been one of the most fun things I’ve done in my life. I’ve fallen out of it a bit now (thanks COVID for the 15 lbs I gained this year), but hopefully I’ll get back into it sooner rather than later. If you love it, Buffalo is a beautifully committed community to reach out in for all of its amazing talent. Thanks for reading!